Youths in Lagos Island

The National baseline youth survey conducted in 2012 by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Youth Development shows the population of youths aged 15-35 in Nigeria is estimated to be 64 million. Of the states in Nigeria, Lagos state stands out in terms of youth’s population with the highest percentage of 6.1% out of the total estimate. Lagos Island harbours majority of these youths who are in search of a livelihood because of associated economic activities.2 Some youths are in schools, some are out of school while most of them are engaged in menial jobs like, hawking, bus conductors, drivers, illegal tax collectors etc. Most of them behave responsibly, however some are also, unfortunately but not surprisingly, engaged in anti-social activities. For the females, they are mostly casual workers, petty traders who sell recharge cards, food and drinks on roadsides and around the bus stops.


Lagos Island Connect, popularly called LIC (el-ai-see), was birthed out of the passion for a better society for all Lagos Island youth and their contemporaries, by creating a platform for young persons to grow, network, connect and build up their  God-given abilities. Youth who join are community leaders who seek to drive progress and change in their spheres of control and seek to be mentored by experienced professionals from diverse industries and with diverse experiences.

The platform welcomes membership and partnership of youth from all over Lagos Island, business entities situated within Lagos Island and other interested participants/stakeholders, who are genuinely committed to youth development, within and outside Nigeria.