A programme for capacity building will be established for youths aligned with Lagos Island industry needs in the area of vocational, entrepreneurial, communications, public speaking & other technical expertise. These programmes will also provide a platform for sporting activities, drama/dance, the arts, music and other skills as indicated by the youths. Audio visual tools will be deployed & experts and volunteers would be brought in on schedules to build the capacities of the youths on these skills. This programme will provide the youths with an opportunity to be engaged and gainfully employed. We envisage that youths who would be equipped with adequate knowledge will apply the skill sets for commercial and social benefits. Partnership, Linkages with Public/Private Sector & Domestic/International Development & other relevant institutions to provide high quality Business Development Services at affordable rates (Business Concept, Business Plan Development, Intermediation for access to Non-Bank Equity Finance, Funding, Accounting & Book-Keeping Support Services, Legal Advisory, Policy Interpretation, Skills Development via Training & Seminar, Tutorial & Business Mentoring. This will include on-the-job training Train the Trainers & apprenticeship programs.