Lagos Island Connect - Volunteer Speakers

Dear Friend,
Thank you for your consistent partnership with LIC which is enabling us to raise more dynamic, ethical and innovative entrepreneurs in Lagos Island.

We are currently seeking experienced professionals who are passionate and willing to teach, train and inspire young Lagos Island youth who are in need of insights that will help them make better life decisions in their businesses, careers, civic responsibilities & lifestyles. 

The purpose of this engagement will be to provide experienced professional guidance and solutions to participants of our Youth Programs. 

These programs, in the form of interactive talks, seminars or master classes will be organised at the Onikan Youth Centre or virtually when circumstances dictate. This will apply to volunteers residing outside Nigeria or be compelled by conditions as we are currently witnessing during the pandemic or similar extraordinary situations. 

As our slogan is to ‘Unlocking Opportunities’, we are committed to looking for innovative ways to unlock opportunities for Lagos Island youth by providing relevant Information, skills, tools, insights and guidance through our various programs so they can make better informed decisions about their future.

About Our mentorship Programmes

The Youth Clinic is a private exclusive program where a speaker is matched with a young person or a small group to engage, help pinpoint their challenges and provide advice and/or tools to help them make relevant choices in the direction of their chosen career or life pursuit. 

The Youth Connect Hangout is a more open and interactive live event with more fun activities, as well as inspirational talks. The youth are invited to a less formal atmosphere with a successful industry or business leader, or inspirational personality, to engage, answer questions and share tidbits from their success story.


We are seeking corporate professionals, academics, successful business owners & change agents across diverse fields who are:

  1. Committed to giving back and influencing the next generation
  2. Willing to share skills, knowledge, and expertise
  3. Good communicators
  4. Sensitive
  5. Good listeners
  6. Available; able to commit a minimum of 90 minutes periodically at random, serially for one to six months, or once a year. 

Once your application is successfully reviewed, a suitable date that is mutually agreed will be scheduled for our volunteer speakers. 


  • Opportunity to give back to the upcoming generation. Nigeria is at a critical point in history with a large number of young people. Our collective ability to harness the potential of these young people will determine our national development for years to come
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Share your life experiences
  • Make a difference in someone’s life.

    • Committed Time:
    o 90 minutes periodically at random,
    o serially for I-6 months or
    o once a year.

If you are interested and the prospect of positively impacting young minds excites you, please check your specific area of expertise or interest and supply the information below: