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Sarahmond Designs

Making you Exceptionally Beautiful

SARAHMOND DESIGNS is a Fashion , Tailoring and Body Care company that operates mainly in Lagos the beating heart of Nigeria. SARAHMOND DESIGNS goes back in time memorial. 
We are interested in females who love to look beautiful and cute in quality design pieces for the right occasion. 
We are interested in males and females who love Quality and eyecatching fabrics in order to be the attention of the room. 
We are interested in Males who love to look like kings.
We are interested in Males and Females who love to be clothed on a low budget by wearing our Thrift Clothing. 
We are also interested in females who love to have a radiant skin through the use of Organic and Chemical free products such as our cold pressed Virgin Coconut Oil. 
We primarily as specialized in contemporary female cloth making, fabrics which are unisex in use, Thrift Clothing, male and female accessories as well as purely distilled cold pressed Virgin Coconut oil just to mention a few
We make our customers exceptionally beautiful.

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