Graduation Week – LIC GIZ Skills Acquisition 2021


The second and final week of the LIC-GIZ skill acquisition was eventful as participants were taught different skills from nail fixing to how to tie different types of Gele and also how to dress a bride. The same also goes to the barbering section where they learned different styles of haircuts as well including how to dread the hair. They were also asked to practice on their own what they have been taught so far.

Not only were the participants taught makeup and barbering skills during the 10 days training, but they were also taught to be strong, to build up their self-confidence, and to face their challenges in a youth clinic session held by Ms. Yemisi Ransom-Kuti where the participants were opportune to share their life challenges with her. She stated,

“Life is like a school and we keep getting a test from our maker and it’s better to face the test and pass than to run away because the test will keep coming”.

Ms Yemisi Ransome-Kuti

Participants were also taught how to think critically and how critical thinking can help in making great decisions.

Critical thinking involves thinking for one’s self, carefully examining the way one makes sense out of the world. In other words, thinking is purposeful, organized process that we use to make sense out of the world. There are 3 types of critical thinking which are problem-solving, decision making, and creative thinking.

The benefits of critical thinking which help us avoid making foolish decisions, help us become good citizens capable of making good decisions on important social, political, and economic issues, etc. Just as critical thinking has benefits, it also has some barriers which are egocentrism, sociocentrism, unwarranted assumptions, wishful thinking, etc.

Of course, the training wasn’t just going to end without the coordinators being sure they have successfully passed the knowledge to the participants. The participants were tested, they were grouped in two’s and asked to bring clients for their exams. The barbering section brought clients some barbed different styles and dyed the hair of their clients while some dyed the hair alone.

The makeup section also brought their clients and was given different tasks. Some did bridal makeup, some nude/natural makeup while some did engagement makeup and tied gele for their clients. At the end of the task, they were all awarded marks based on their performances.

The trainees are now ready for business as they can practice what they’ve been trained on and they have also set up their accounts on social media(LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp business and Google my business) where you can easily reach them from the comfort of your homes and know what they can do and also contact them for home services.

The final day of the training camp was also the day of graduation and the presentation of certificates. Participants shared their experiences on how they were before the training and how the program has helped them and given them directions and also a source of income. The participants were awarded certificates for the training and also given start-up kits to begin their own business in their different fields.

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